Car Show Land Rover Off Road

SMORR 2 MOORE Overland Rally and MOORE Expo

Today I compete in the SMORR 2 MOORE Overland Rally with my Land Rover Defender Trophy and then explore the MOORE Overland Expo in Springfield, Missouri.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0304 #offroad #smorr #moore

MG Pre-war

The Klemm Pre-war MG Collection

Today I traveled to Wisconsin to visit the private collection of Dennis and Crystal Klemm. From a 1926 Morris Cowley to the 1951 MG TD the Klemm collection is the largest prewar MG collection I have seen. Dennis has a website dedicated to his cars here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0292 #classiccar #mgtd #mgcar

Car Show MG Will it Run?

Limping the MGC to the Flatwater British Car Show

Today I get Jim Danielson’s old MGC-GT out of storage and see if I can get it to run well enough to drive it to the Flatwater Austin Healey Club’s British Car Show in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0267 #mgcgt #willitrun #classiccars

Bronco Car Show Land Rover Off Road

2022 Iowa All Breeds Jeep Show

This week I was at the 2022 Iowa All Breeds Jeep Show put on by the Iowa Jeep Club. I camped out all weekend in my R-Pod converted LMTV and had a lot of fun getting my Land Rover Discovery dirty. The morning began with a jeep show and shine and then the rti ramp and obstacle course opened up.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0263 #toyota #bronco #jeep


Ford Bronco II – Will It Run

Kevin over at Junkyard Digs sent me a text saying he had a few cars that he needs to get rid of because he is out of room so I ended up with this non-running Ford Bronco II fresh from his parents yard where it has been stored for years. After a new battery and testing the fuel pump can I get it to have it’s first start in many years.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0236 #fordbronco #bronco #4×4

Land Rover


Today I went down to visit Jeff, Jeff had a very rare Land Rover Discovery XD, and Jeff wanted me to have it. How could I say no to such an opportunity so I packed up my truck and headed to pick up my new 1997 Disco. Now I will get it back to my shop to find out will it start as this will be it’s first start in six plus years.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0235 #landrover #discovery #landroverdiscovery

Car Show

Steve Saleen Brings his Saleen S1 to Car Show

Today Steve Saleen was at a car show just down the street so I went to check it out. The new Saleen S1 supercar was there as well as the race version. I finally get to check out the new all electric Ford F150 Lightening truck I found parked next to a Ford Mustang Mach E. I also take you on a tour around the show and show you a few of my favorites.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0234 #saleen #fordlightning #carshow


Bluetti EB55 Fathers Day Giveaway

Today Bluetti is letting me give away a brand new Bluetti EB55 to one of my lucky views. Just comment anything you want to in the comments below and you will be in the running to win a new EB55. The eligible comments must be posted by the 20th of June 2022. Get your own Bluetti EB55 here: and click here for more Father’s Day Deals:

TOPDON T4000 4A/1A for 6V/12V Charger:

Automatic Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer 12V/8A 24V/4A Charger:

Schumacher SC1300 Fully Automatic Charger/Maintainer:

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Austin Healey Sprite

How To Free Up a Seized Engine

Today I am back working on the Austin Healey Sprite known as Barn Sprite #3. The engine is still seized and I have to free it up to continue. Watch as I work through this seized engine and find the solution with a little bit of mystery oil and little bit of force. How do you free a seized piston watch and find out.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0233 #austinhealey #sprite #seized


Carpuride – Add Car Play to ANY Vehicle

Today I show you how to add Car Play to any vehicle regardless of year even if it doesn’t even have speakers or a radio in it already. Get your Carpuride here:

Link to the Treblab FX100 Bluetooth Speaker:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0232 #carpuride #applecarplay #carplay