Military Overland Camper Build

Integrating BLUETTI AC200MAX Power Station into Overlander for Six Times the Power

Today I install a BLUETTI AC200MAX Power Station into my M109A3 Overland Camper Build. Save money on your BLUETTI by using this link to purchase:

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Buying a LMTV on Govplanet Wasn’t How I Expected

I bought a LMTV off the website but after wining the auction I found that I was misled by the way the website is setup. Watch how my trip to buy my M35A1 109A3 went in comparison:

Watch all of my military truck videos here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0197 #LMTV #GovPlanet #MilitaryTruck

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4×4 Overland Adventure Clubs Are Becoming Popular

Today I attend a meet up with my local 4×4 Overland Adventure Club with my converted M109A3 and driving a jacked up Mini Paceman running 28″ off road tires.

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Off Roading and Winter Camping in my M109A3

This weekend I took my M109A3 version of the M35A2 camping at the off road park where we spent two days on the trail.

Get your supply of MRE Emergency Food from this link:

This Week With Cars – Episode 00124

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The Lost Episodes

Today I look back at the videos that never were and show you a bit of what I wanted to show you but never finished.


Part 1: M35A2 M109A3 Overland Camper Build

This time I fix the diesel filter, add access to the roof, and install all of the 120V and 24V equipment to keep the camper running both on solar power and shore power.

Here are the products used during this part of the build:

60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60amp Panel Battery Charger Controller

RICH SOLAR 2 Pieces 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel High Efficiency Solar Module

BougeRV 10 Ft 12AWG Solar Extension Cable with Female and Male Connector Solar Panel Adaptor Kit Tool Solar Cable

XOOL 2 Sets of Solar Panel Roof Mounting Z-Bracket with Nuts and Bolts

Go Power! GP-SW300-24 300-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Battery Charger 5A 24Volt Trickle Charger Maintainer

Power Strip, Beesmall 4 Outlets 3.6 ft Heavy Duty Surge Extension Cord

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

iExcell 100 Pcs Black 9 mm Cable Tie Base Saddle Type Mount Wire Holder

Self Tapping #8 x 3/4″ Stainless Steel Metal Screws

Caterpillar Military

Weekend with the M35 Overland Camper and Caterpillar D4

I spent the weekend down at the local off road park in my M35A2 M109A3 overland camper to get the park cleaned up and build new obstacles. I took my Caterpillar D47U Traxcavator down to help out with the heaviest work. After six hours moving rocks and concrete I needed to adjust the clutch in the Cat which turned out to be a very messy job.


I Bought a 1966 M35A2 M109A3 Deuce and a Half 6×6 Military Truck

I picked up a M109A3 2.5 Ton 6×6 shop van and drive it 235 miles home. These are a rare version of the M35 with a fully enclosed windowed box mounted on the back.


Off Road With Friends and My Pinzgauer 710M

I took my Pinzgauer 710M Austrian military truck to the local Jeep Club’s playground and had a great day off roading through and over obstacles and pulling out the other trucks along the way.