Bronco Ford Sunbeam

Meet My Dad and Tour His Car Collection

Today I take you over to my dad’s house to show you his collection of cars and hopefully explain a little bit about why I love the cars I do and how I first learned about cars.

See a video with me taking my dad’s Tiger on track here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0142 #ClassicCars #SunbeamTiger #FordBronco

Dyno Sunbeam

How much power difference is there between an Alpine and a restomod Tiger?

Today I dyno test a Sunbeam Alpine, and stock Sunbeam Tiger and a Sunbeam Tiger upgraded with a 347ci V8 back to back to find out how much power they make.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00141 #SunbeamAlpine #SunbeamTiger #Dyno

Austin Healey Sprite Classic Mini MG Sunbeam

Tour of the All the Cars I Have on Shelves

It is pretty cold outside so today I thought I would give you a tour of the 28 cars I have on the my shelves.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00135 #CarStack #SunbeamTiger #ClassicCars

Motorcycles Sunbeam

Converting Sunbeam S7 de luxe to Capacitor Powered

Today I install a modern version of the Lucas 2MC capacitor into my prewar Sunbeam S7 de luxe motorcycle.


British car tour in Sunbeam Alpine leads to failures and blown tire.

I took a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine on a British Car Club tour for ice cream, a tour of a working water mill, and then to end up at a birthday party but things go wrong.