Austin Healey Sprite

Creating the Grasing Collection of Sebring Sprites

Today I introduce Ken Grasing whom I have been building Austin Healey Sprites for the last five years and we go over in detail a couple of his special Sebring equipped Sprites.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0143 #ClassicCars #AustinHealey #Sprite

Bronco Ford Sunbeam

Meet My Dad and Tour His Car Collection

Today I take you over to my dad’s house to show you his collection of cars and hopefully explain a little bit about why I love the cars I do and how I first learned about cars.

See a video with me taking my dad’s Tiger on track here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0142 #ClassicCars #SunbeamTiger #FordBronco

Dyno Sunbeam

How much power difference is there between an Alpine and a restomod Tiger?

Today I dyno test a Sunbeam Alpine, and stock Sunbeam Tiger and a Sunbeam Tiger upgraded with a 347ci V8 back to back to find out how much power they make.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00141 #SunbeamAlpine #SunbeamTiger #Dyno

Austin Healey Sprite Microcar

How Much Do Microcars Actually Weigh!?

Today I weigh my Austin Healey Sprite, Lloyd Alexander LP600, and Berkeley SE328 to find out how much they actually weigh. I also weigh my Mazda Miata to compare these vintage cars to a somewhat more modern lightweight.

Weight in Kilograms: Sprite: 694kg Lloyd: 583kg Berkeley: 328kg Miata: 1045kg

This Week With Cars – Episode 00140 #Berkeley #MicroCar #Sprite

Austin Healey Sprite Will it Run?

Round 2 – Barn Find Sprite #4 – Being Drivable is the Goal!

Today I take a look at the barn find Sprite I labeled #4. I attempt to fix the clutch, brakes, and oil leak.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00139 #BarnSprite #AustinHealey #Sprite

Bronco Land Rover Off Road

Part 3: 1985 Ford Bronco Upgrades and Testing Off Road

Today I take the 1985 Ford Bronco and Cassie takes the Land Rover Discovery II to the off road park, but first I have some changes I have to make to the Bronco. If you haven’t seen the first video on this truck check it out here:

his Week With Cars – Episode 0135
#FordBronco #OffRoad #Bronco

Land Rover

Upgrading Cassie’s Land Rover Disco 2 – Will She Like It?

Today I do some upgrades to Cassie’s Land Rover Discovery II the day before we head out to the off road park. She doesn’t know what I am changing and I hope she likes it!

BADLAND APEX Synthetic 12,000 Lb. Wireless Winch

This Week With Cars – Episode 0137
#LandRover #Discovery #Upgrade


Driving the 328cc Two Stroke Berkeley SE328

Today I put a new battery in the Berkeley SE328 and get it running again for a drive to enjoy the nice spring day.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00136
#Berkeley #MicroCar #TinyCar

Austin Healey Sprite Classic Mini MG Sunbeam

Tour of the All the Cars I Have on Shelves

It is pretty cold outside so today I thought I would give you a tour of the 28 cars I have on the my shelves.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00135 #CarStack #SunbeamTiger #ClassicCars


1973 Jaguar E-Type Steering Wheel Adjustment

Today I show how to remove, clock, and reinstall the steering wheel on a 1973 Jaguar E-Type.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00134
#Jaguar #XKE #WatchMeWork