Bronco Ford Sunbeam

Meet My Dad and Tour His Car Collection

Today I take you over to my dad’s house to show you his collection of cars and hopefully explain a little bit about why I love the cars I do and how I first learned about cars.

See a video with me taking my dad’s Tiger on track here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0142 #ClassicCars #SunbeamTiger #FordBronco

Dyno Sunbeam

How much power difference is there between an Alpine and a restomod Tiger?

Today I dyno test a Sunbeam Alpine, and stock Sunbeam Tiger and a Sunbeam Tiger upgraded with a 347ci V8 back to back to find out how much power they make.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00141 #SunbeamAlpine #SunbeamTiger #Dyno

Austin Healey Sprite Microcar

How Much Do Microcars Actually Weigh!?

Today I weigh my Austin Healey Sprite, Lloyd Alexander LP600, and Berkeley SE328 to find out how much they actually weigh. I also weigh my Mazda Miata to compare these vintage cars to a somewhat more modern lightweight.

Weight in Kilograms: Sprite: 694kg Lloyd: 583kg Berkeley: 328kg Miata: 1045kg

This Week With Cars – Episode 00140 #Berkeley #MicroCar #Sprite

Austin Healey Sprite Will it Run?

Round 2 – Barn Find Sprite #4 – Being Drivable is the Goal!

Today I take a look at the barn find Sprite I labeled #4. I attempt to fix the clutch, brakes, and oil leak.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00139 #BarnSprite #AustinHealey #Sprite

Bronco Land Rover Off Road

Part 3: 1985 Ford Bronco Upgrades and Testing Off Road

Today I take the 1985 Ford Bronco and Cassie takes the Land Rover Discovery II to the off road park, but first I have some changes I have to make to the Bronco. If you haven’t seen the first video on this truck check it out here:

his Week With Cars – Episode 0135
#FordBronco #OffRoad #Bronco

Land Rover

Upgrading Cassie’s Land Rover Disco 2 – Will She Like It?

Today I do some upgrades to Cassie’s Land Rover Discovery II the day before we head out to the off road park. She doesn’t know what I am changing and I hope she likes it!

BADLAND APEX Synthetic 12,000 Lb. Wireless Winch

This Week With Cars – Episode 0137
#LandRover #Discovery #Upgrade


Driving the 328cc Two Stroke Berkeley SE328

Today I put a new battery in the Berkeley SE328 and get it running again for a drive to enjoy the nice spring day.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00136
#Berkeley #MicroCar #TinyCar

Austin Healey Sprite Classic Mini MG Sunbeam

Tour of the All the Cars I Have on Shelves

It is pretty cold outside so today I thought I would give you a tour of the 28 cars I have on the my shelves.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00135 #CarStack #SunbeamTiger #ClassicCars


1973 Jaguar E-Type Steering Wheel Adjustment

Today I show how to remove, clock, and reinstall the steering wheel on a 1973 Jaguar E-Type.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00134
#Jaguar #XKE #WatchMeWork


I am YouTube’s Creator on the Rise!

I was selected to be YouTube’s Creator on the Rise so thank you all of you who have been watching my videos the last year and welcome to all of your seeing my videos for the first time.

This Week With Cars – Episode 00133

#CreatorOnTheRise #ClassicCars #WatchMeWork