Bronco Ford Will it Run?

1976 Ford Bronco Sport Parked for 30 Years

Today I take a look at this 1967 Ford Bronco Sport and try to get it started but find out why it was put away in the first place.

This Week With Cars – Episode 0215 #BarnFind #FordBronco #BroncoSport


Can My $500 Ford Ranger Move Over 12″ Of Snow?

We had between 12 to 14 inches of snow fall last night, lets see if the Ford Ranger that I bought for $500 can cope. If you want to see me fail trying to off road in this truck watch my first video here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0206 #Ford #Ranger #Snowplow

Bronco Ford Sunbeam

Meet My Dad and Tour His Car Collection

Today I take you over to my dad’s house to show you his collection of cars and hopefully explain a little bit about why I love the cars I do and how I first learned about cars.

See a video with me taking my dad’s Tiger on track here:

This Week With Cars – Episode 0142 #ClassicCars #SunbeamTiger #FordBronco